An updated list of books to keep track of those I've read over the last few years. The ones I've really enjoyed are denoted with an asterix.


  1. The Silk Road** Peter Frankopan
  2. House of Leaves Mark Z Danielewski
  3. Disgrace** JM Coetzee
  4. A Bend in the river VS Naipaul
  5. The fix David Baldacci
  6. American Colonies** Alan Taylor
  7. Staring at lakes Michael Harding
  8. The man who mistook his wife for a hat Oliver Sacks
  9. 2066 Roberto Bolano
  10. American Gods Neil Gaiman
  11. Fire and Blood** TR Fehrenhack
  12. Sapiens* Yuval Noah Harari
  13. The sisters brothers** Patric DeWitt
  14. The wonder boys* Michael Chabon
  15. The code of the woosters PG WodeHouse
  16. Stoner** John Williams
  17. The great empires of Aisa Jim Masselos
  18. Comme un roman Daniel Pennac
  19. Look to windward* Iain M Banks
  20. Guns Germs and Steel* Jared Diamon
  21. </ol>


    1. The Sellout** Paul Beatty
    2. Spring Snow Yukio Mishima
    3. The once and future king TH White
    4. Fifteen decisive battles of the world* Edward Creasy
    5. If this is a man*** Primo Levi
    6. The truce Primo Levi
    7. Sabbath's theatre* Philip Roth
    8. Empire Falls* Richard Russo
    9. Blackwater* Joyce Carol Oates
    10. Stranger in a strange land Robert Heinlein
    11. The glorious cause** Robert MiddleKauf
    12. A personal Anthology Borges
    13. Rabbit, run* John Updike
    14. Revolutionary Road*** Richard Yates
    15. Underworld Don DeLillo
    16. Battle Cry for Freedom* James McPherson
    17. Accordion Crimes Annie Proulx
    18. Bonfire of the vanities** Tom Wolfe
    19. Autumn in the heavenly Kingdom* Stephen Platt
    20. India, a History* John Keay
    21. The old devils Kingsley Amis
    22. The Brief and Wondrous life* of Oscar Wao Junot Diaz
    23. The New York Trilogy* Paul Auster


    1. The Bell Jar*** Sylvia Plath
    2. The Sea John Bannville
    3. Letters to a young Poet Rainer Maria Rilke
    4. Limonov* Emmanuel Carrére
    5. The Robber Bride Margaret Atwood
    6. Frederick the great Nancy Mitford
    7. The Year of Magical Thinking Joan Didion
    8. Socrates Defence Plato
    9. The Shock Doctrine Naomi Klein
    10. The burried giant* Kazuo Ishiguro
    11. H is for hawk Helen MacDonald
    12. Ghostwritten* David Mitchell
    13. Golden egg Donna Leon
    14. Canada Richard Ford
    15. Flashboys Michael Lewis
    16. The ascent of money* Niall Ferguson
    17. The wayward bus* John Steinback
    18. Mao A Life* Philip Short
    19. Fareheit 451 Ray Bradbury
    20. Time's arrow Martin Amis
    21. Youth Asimov
    22. Solaris Stanislaw Lem
    23. Byzantium* Judith Herrin
    24. Goodbye my lovely Raymond Chandler
    25. The price of inequality Joseph E Stiglitz
    26. The orchid thief Susan Orlean
    27. The narrow road to the deep north*** Richard Flanagan
    28. A Brief History of Seven Killings** Marlon James


    1. Flying Dutch Tom Holt
    2. Faust among Equals Tom Holt
    3. Bridge of Sighs* Richard Russo
    4. Mémoires du général baron de Marbot III*** Jean Marbot
    5. Cloud Atlas*** David Mitchell
    6. L'etranger*** Albert Camus
    7. One summer America Bill Bryson
    8. White Teeth Zadie Smith
    9. For whom the bell tolls* Earnest Hemmingway
    10. Les belles images*** Simone de beauvoir
    11. Jude the obscure Thomas Hardy
    12. Peter the Great* Robert Massie
    13. Beware of Pity* Stefan Zweig
    14. L'Africain JMG Le Cl\'{e}zio
    15. Plateforme* Michel Houellebecq
    16. Les fidélités successives Nicolas Estienne D'orves
    17. American Pastoral*** Philip Roth
    18. The French Revolution Christopher Hibert
    19. Ratner's Star Don DeLillo
    20. Running Wild JG Ballard
    21. Complicity* Iain Banks
    22. The Name of the Rose* Umberto Eco
    23. La place Anne Ernaux
    24. The secret adversity Agatha Christie
    25. Interview with the vampire Anne Rice
    26. The invisible Man HG Wells
    27. A Space Odyssey Arthur Clarke
    28. The long goodbye* Raymond Chandler
    29. The wasp Factory** Iain Banks


    1. Zlatan Imbrahimovic Zlatan Imbrahimovic
    2. Infinite Jest*** David Foster Wallace
    3. Monster Island David Wellington
    4. A little history of the world Eh gombrich
    5. Le Petit Prince Antoine de Saint Exupéry
    6. As i lay dying*** William Faulkner
    7. North Korea Undercover John Sweeney
    8. Le cinquieme temoin Michael Connelly
    9. Never let me go*** Kazuo Ishiguro
    10. Consider Phlebas* Iain M banks
    11. The Gathering* Anne Enright
    12. The Communist Manifesto Karl Marx Friedriech Engels
    13. An essay on the principle of Population Thomas Robert Malthus
    14. The sirens of Titan Kurt Vonnegut
    15. The unbearable lightness of being* Milan Kundera
    16. Marius Marcel Pagnol
    17. Starship Troopers* Robert A Heinlein
    18. Manuscript found in Accra Paulo Coelho
    19. Mémoires du général baron de Marbot I Jean Marbot
    20. The man who was Thursday G K Chesterton
    21. Pnin** Vladimir Nabokov
    22. The call of the wild Jack London
    23. The thirty years war CV Wedgwood
    24. Blood for Blood William Henry
    25. Salt Sugar Fat Michael Moss
    26. Mémoires du général baron de Marbot II***
    27. The Iron Heel Jack London
    28. Portnoy's Complaint*** Philip Roth
    29. The trouble with men Sean
    30. The diary of a nobody George Grossmith and Weedon Grossmith
    31. Neuromancer William Gibson
    32. To Kill a Mockingbird* harper lee
    33. Crome Yellow* Adolphus Huxley
    34. Do androids dream of electric sheep Philip K Dick
    35. The long goodbye Raymond Chandler
    36. Breakfast of Champions Kurt Vonnegut
    37. David Copperfield* Charles Dickens
    38. Siddhartha Hermann Hesse
    39. Cat's Eye*** Margaret Atwood
    40. The Open Source Everything Manifesto Robert David Steele
    41. The real life of Sebastian Knight Vladmir Nabokov
    42. A pale view of the hills Kazuo Ishiguro
    43. Straight Man Richard Russo
    44. The end of the affair Graham Greene
    45. The ragged-trousered philanthropists Robert Tressell
    46. The Scarlet Letter Nathaniel Hawthorne
    47. The handmaid's tale** Magaret Atwood
    48. Money* Martin Amis
    49. Waiting for Godot Samuel Beckett
    50. The Room Hubert Sel, Jr
    51. Chess Stefan Zweig